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who are we?

Mafateeh platform is an e-learning and training platform, targeting children and youth from 4 to 18 years old.

It was launched in Istanbul to spread knowledge, values and skills for the future, the idea arose and developed through interaction with educational institutions and children and young people directly and by continuously monitoring the developments that occur in both the academic and technological aspects and the practical experiences that the Mafateeh team went through, it was believed in the idea and worked hard with it, a group of consultants and specialized trainers worked hard with them, with the educational mission to work on building a strong generation scientifically, professionally and in value by providing them with various skills that would help them make their decisions and make their future clear.

Mafateeh is based on three important pillars:

•Safe participation

•Evaluative and positive interaction

•Scientific and skills balance between the virtual world and the real world

Messages that Mafateeh aims to reinforce:

•We are working hard to restore the Arabic language to its leading position among the world's languages by using it to spread science among the ranks of the generation that will build a new thought and pioneering science, in which the Arabic language will be concentrated in its pioneering place as a language of science, thought and values.

•We develop and update training materials that build a variety of skills that are suitable for discovering the places of creativity and future specialties for a generation that will invent solutions for a prosperous future, and this is done in a safe electronic environment that gives them the opportunity to experiment, discover and exchange experiences.

•We believe in the necessity of management in our lives and the lives of our children, including managing the virtual world and the real world around us, so finding the equation of balance between them in the generation of challenge and innovation is one of the most important future duties incumbent on all educational institutions, starting with the family and passing through clubs and schools ... etc.

Mafateeh Products Produced:

We create a variety of products in order to ignite the children's and youth's passion for learning and acquiring skills and values together, and the following are the products that have been designed and displayed on the Mafateeh website.

•Electronic training materials in a variety of disciplines

•Youth innovation clubs

•Printable educational electronic brochures

Mafateeh Services:

Our goal is to make education easier, more enjoyable and more effective by providing various services that harness the capabilities of modern technology to build generations armed with knowledge, skills and values

The first key to the service: educational and educational consultations: If you are an educator, a teacher, a trainer or even a student in the various stages of the school, then the advisors for Mafateeh who specialize in all educational and technological fields will be ready to provide advice and support

The second service key: designing electronic learning paths for special needs of special groups, where educational institutions can request the study of educational needs of the groups for which they provide their services, and based on the results of these studies, educational scientific programs will be designed in such a way that weaknesses are addressed or supported and strengths are assigned to the target group.Work on these services according to the following classification:

•Paths of support and attribution for school curricula

•Educational tracks for people with special needs As for the categories that are being worked on within this key are:

•School students

•People with special needs in all their categories

•Orphans, refugees and displaced persons

•Non-Arabic speakers

Mafateeh work range:

We believe that no limits stop us, and humanity unites us, so we provide our services to all who request it around the world.

Beneficiaries of Mafateeh Services:

•Children and youth from 4-18 years old, who are the main addressee on the platform.
•Parents, educators and coaches of all places.

•All educational institutions.

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