Invitation for participating in Mafateeh innovators 2021 1st. competition

Mafateeh gives you our best wishes, always appreciates the effort of youradministrative and academic staff, especially during quarantine periods and itappreciates supporting your students during the pandemic that affected the entireworld. Continuous and multi-resource learning is stronger in consolidating the knowledgeand expertise needed to illuminate the path of our future students. Therefore,Mafateeh invites you to participate in Mafateeh innovators 2021 competition Through this competition we seek to enhance the students' interaction with theirsurroundings and encourage them to innovate and create solutions to societal,environmental, technological or cultural challenges.

About the competition:

The registration will start on Sunday 7/2/2021 until Sunday 7/3/2021.

The winner of the first place will be rewarded with 300 USD.

Target group:

Young people from the age of 12 to 18 years. Males and Females can participate. Participants can apply individually or collectively (in a group), with mentor orwithout mentor

The duration of the competition:

All participants will be given a whole month to work on their innovations.

Innovations will be judged according to the following criteria:

•- Defining the problem in a clear and detailed way.
•- Highlight the importance of finding a solution to the problem.
•- Relation of innovation to the problem.
•- The possibility of continuing the innovation work.
•- The positive impact of innovation on society.
How to apply for the competition?

by creating a free account on the Mafateeh website, then filling-in the applicationform.

Note: The schools from which the winners emerged will be honored.

Best Regards

Mafateeh Manager

Manal Alhaddad

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